Paul Makepeace

About me


I have a primarily unix/Web (Ruby/Python/Perl) application development background, these days, on the Ruby-on-Rails side, and formerly Perl, specializing in Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moose, and friends, and on the Python side, Django and App Engine, as well as nearly half my professional career spent as a unix system administrator (Linux & Solaris primarily). I have had my own servers online since 1996 and continue to host websites and applications for friends & clients.

My interests technically are wide ranging: over the years I have written Java servers, Mac OS X GUI development, BSD networking code, Oracle/mail server integration, LDAP client & server, and even a C# and .NET project. I'm heavily involved in a variety of open source projects (including my own), non-profits & commit a fair chunk of time to those communities in the form of mailing list discussions, developer assistance and organizing and participating in social events. I have a healthy list of references from people in a variety of roles and positions.

I'm not just a programmer though: in 2010 I took a year off and earned my Commercial Pilot's License while living in California. While I may one day teach flying, it's very much just a hobby! I am also studying for the Certificate in Quantitative Finance.


During my eighteen years of professional employment as a software developer and system administrator I have had the good fortune to hold senior technical positions, both permanent and freelance in the gamut of corporate cultures from three-person start-ups to a global company with a 60,000 employee base. My time has been spread approximately 60:40 between the United Kingdom and United States. My employment in the US has been spent equally between Texas and California. Even within those states I have enjoyed variety of people and work styles from Houston & Austin to Monterey & San Francisco.

I take particular satisfaction and pleasure in combining and bringing to the workplace what I consider the positive aspects of these sometimes disparate values: the intensely curious creative high-pressure environment of deadline-centric small companies to the rigorous detail and near-obsession & attention to accuracy, and integration of skills & teamwork demanded in larger corporations.

Above all though, I aim to thoroughly enjoy myself while helping people get the most out of today's technology.

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