Paul Makepeace

BA, MA Maths, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering
Resident in San Francisco, CA, USA
Phone: [on request]
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June 2024: I am not currently available for work.


Cambridge University: MA Maths, Computer Science, EIST (Electronic and Information Systems)

Skills: Programming Languages

Language Period Used Last Used
Ruby (1.8-2.0), Rails (3.1, 3.2, 4.0) 1.5 year Jun 2024
Perl (4.036 - 5.10.1) 10+ years Jun 2024
Python 4 years Jun 2024
JavaScript 6 years Jun 2024
C 3 years 2008
HTML (v2.0 - 4.01
& XHTML 1.0 + CSS2)
10+ years Jun 2024
SQL (see below) 10+ years Jun 2024
Unix tools: sh, sed, awk, etc 10+ years Jun 2024
Java 1 year May 2011
ML, Prolog, C++ Hobby May 1995

Skills: Environments

Environment Period Used Last Used
Linux (Debian, SuSE, RedHat), Solaris
I have been professionally hosting Debian-based servers since 1999. Jun 2024
Internet development: HTML5, JavaScript, SSH, etc 10+ years Jun 2024
MySQL & PostgreSQL
10+ years Jun 2024


Client, Area Related site Period Summary
Cupertino, US
Apple 04/2013 -
Stress rack automation infrastructure in Silicon Engineering Group.
Badger & BountySource
San Francisco, US
Badger & BountySource 02/2012 -
Product design, direction. Full stack from Linux kernel tweaking, automated deployment with Puppet, through Ruby, Rails to a fully JavaScript frontend.
London, UK
Artfinder 01/2011 -
Primarily responsible for data cleaning and converting partner datasets into our schema. Python, Django, PostgreSQL, OpenRefine. Exposure to redis, sentry, EC2, Elastic Search.
Open Refine
(née OpenRefine; Open Source)
OpenRefine 03/2011 -
Contributor to the mailing list and codebase committer. Java, Python, DOS(!). Presented on OpenRefine at OpenTech 2011.
Dublin, Ireland
Google, Ireland 06/2006 -
Gmail infrastructure and oncall production operation. Software development for monitoring, debugging, logging, and deployments. Python, Perl, JavaScript, PHP.
Investor Dynamics
London, UK
Investor Dynamics 12/2004 -
Chief software architect and developer then CTO designing news aggregation and analysis. Perl, Catalyst, DBIx::Class, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, XML
London, UK
BBC New Media & Technology 09/2005 -
Developer on team for internal publishing/programme modelling project. Perl, Catalyst, ORM, SQLite
Urban Tapestries
London, UK
Urban Tapestries 03/2004 -
Lead software developer implementing Apache/mod_perl XMLRPC proxy
Proboscis hosting
London, UK
Proboscis 03/2004 -
Took on Proboscis's several sites onto a dedicated server as my largest hosting client.
Schlumberger Omnes
Houston, TX
( 02/1999 -
Migrate LDAP services from Omnes to Schlumberger; build, install, security, backup for LDAP Solaris servers; advanced mail server development & configuration


For those interested in the technical specifics of these projects and my roles in them, I have provided more detail.

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